Fight Misogyny Better place for ALL

We are going to unite women in a fight against misogyny. I am going to continue to petition and build a database of names and numbers. We will help this database make extra money on the side for personal use and to donate back to help the world. There aren’t going to be homeless people in Oakland anymore. People don’t like seeing homeless people and I don’t either so we are going to fix these folks up and give them a break. Crack dealers are going to learn about better ways to make money. Crack dealers won’t even want to sell something that’s fucking over other people. The # of crack heads will trickle in Oakland as the New World Order takes hold. Basically I need to unite Oakland first and I could use some help from celebrities. Actually so many women are going to be on board with this and were going to gain even more momentum as we tour through the California colleges. We will perform for free at your school (multiple times if necessary) for FREE, ideally around home coming but it doesn’t matter. I’m also looking to open for artists from California and even Ny once i go back and visit. Once again I’m doing my first few performances FREE I’m going to post 2 of the songs for free in fact the whole clean version on reverbnation for you all to hear the quality. This bit of information is important for all you club promoters looking for talent. I’m one of the Best performers and the crazy part is I’ve yet to perform but we are shutting it down when we do. We are going to fill up sweet fingers with girls who are feeling our music and want to fight misogyny ignorance poverty and all unhappiness in the world. All we have to do is unite. What if I showed you a company that got you a BMW within a month of you starting out. What if I showed you technology that 85% of businesses are not using right now but will be using in the next two years. It really comes down to will they be getting it from you or someone else. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of my Businesses Presentation and my way I’m going to help raise awareness and unite the support to help Lead this Crusade and make The World a Better Place for ALL to Live.


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